Day 1 : Maths Exam

This may seem like an odd day to start off a blog – the day you just gave your Maths Pre-Board Exam. Anyways, let me first tell you what made me start a blog, AGAIN. I have started about 3-4 blogs earlier. Never continuing them for more than a week. This time I hope to keep writing.

Our teacher had sent a Whatsapp message regarding Ideate for India Contest ( launched by GOI and Intel. I got curious and booted up my laptop to look at what it was all about. I read about it and all and registered. I had to verify my email id. I opened up my Gmail. I saw an email from the Launchora team regarding a reply on of my poems that I had written about 2 years ago. Guess what the title of the poem was? It was and I quote ” Come On America – Trump?” ( It’s funny though, go and read it. I just don’t know what came upon me but I once again found my way back to WordPress, making a new account, this time from a different e-mail ID. I just named it whatever I could come up with and just started writing.

Anyways, my Maths exam went pretty well except for the one question (question number 13, damn it.) in which I wrote bs. Hoping to score around 78 out of 80 on this exam. I did not study anything at all today but I played Scrabble with my brother and mom after a long, long time. It was fun, even though I came second.

Right now, my mom is shouting at me from her rrom to close the laptop and go sleep as it is half past 10. Okay, then, good night : )

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