Day 2 : Working on Traffic

Hey guys, I am back – your friendly neighborhood bloggerman. Thanks to all of you FIFTEEN (!!!) people out there from the United States(4), United Kingdom(3), France(2), Singapore(1), Poland (1) , Maldives(1), New Zealand(1), Italy(1) and India(1). I am really excited that there is a dozen or so of you who actually read my post. I am really very glad.

Today, till now, I haven’t done much. I played Fortnite with my friends in the morning for a couple of hours and since then constantly refreshing my blog stats to see my visitors grow from 1 (that was me) to 15. And now, here I am writing this blog post.

I have my Social Studies (SST) exam this Friday. I scored pretty good on my last exam, so I am pretty confident of scoring well on this test too. I don’t feel like revising anything because I have studied them all (except 4) earlier for the previous exam. I don’t know what I will do in these 3 preparatory holidays.

I don’t know exactly what my blog is going to be about but I hope to do this daily blog kinda thing where I write about what I do my entire day. I am also thinking of doing some topic specific articles (gaming, books, TV shows etc.). I will also do separate blog posts about anything I feel is worth writing about separately.

That’s it for now I guess. I gotta go and have food (my favourite – Paneer XD). See ya!

P.S. I just added an email subscribing list, please do it (it’s in the sidebar). No spam, only mails when I write a new blog post (approximately 5 times a week).

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