HT Brunch Book Challenge

All those of you who are not familiar with HT Brunch ( or HT itself, Hindustan Times (or HT) is one of the most read daily, English newspapers of India. Hindustan is a Hindi word for India. So, every Sunday, a magazine named Brunch comes in with the HT newspaper. It is like a lifestyle magazine, it has one featured article, and other fixed articles by fixed authors. I really like the book especially the technology section by Rajiv Makhni ( every alternate week.

Brunch has been doing this Book Challenge for the past few years and this year I finally decided to take part in it. There is no registration or anything. You just have to read 60 books this whole year and tweet with the hashtag #brunchbookchallenge with the name of the book. All those who read 60 books (any 60 books) qualify for awards. There is one rules, that at least 12 of those books have to be of (an) Indian author(s). Fair enough.

The first book I have started reading this year is this amazing book called “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline ( I have read almost one fourth of the book and I must say, it is hard to put down.

I will keep posting regularly about my progress throughout the year. I think everyone should participate in this contest, no matter what country you belong to. So, go on and pick up any book you like and have fun – Cheers!


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