Stages of getting a haircut

We all need to go for haircuts and I believe there are almost always these steps that a person goes through before finally getting it over with. Here, I present to you the 5 stages of getting a haircut :

Stage 1: Nevermind

This is where it all starts: your parents or teachers or the goody-good prefects start the nudging “Hmm, I guess it is time you get a haircut” and you are all like “Yeah, for sure” when you do not make any effort to even register it in your brain.

Stage 2: The Rebuking

This is where you realise that the situation is elevating and you have to show some purpose. You start getting shouted at, (empty) death threats and what not. You are scolded each day. You never remember to get it done in your free time as it is still not on your priority list.

Stage 3: Self Realisation

It has been almost 3 weeks since stage 1 and you start to apprehend that you really need to get your hair cut. The hair has started to bother you and this is the time you actually realise the “need” to get the aforementioned.

Stage 4: Busy Days

Now, after all, you actually want a haircut but it is the exact time when you have your exams and you are super busy with your obligations. You make every extra ounce of effort to try and squeeze that half an hour to get the deed done, but unfortunately (or not), you are not able to do.

Stage 5: The Salvation

The final stage, the redemption, the salvation. You walk with all your determination to the barber, ready to get it done. You sit down, explain the barber your vogue, and get it over with.

The Aftermath

You are over with it, after a long and dreadful journey. You feel all windy in your hair and finally comb your hair well. You feel light and happy but with bits of air all in your shirt. You are taken over by relief but those little pricks won’t let you enjoy.

This is all for today, I hope you enjoyed the article very much. Any suggestions or improvements are welcome. Comment down and make sure to subscribe to the email list. Thank you.

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