Wall Street Journal – The Hack

The Wall Street Journal is one of the most popular American, business news platform. The articles on Wall Street Journal are curated by experts in their respective fields.

Having said all that, I would like to add that the technology team of the Wall Street Journal are completely dumb. Why, you ask? Let me explain.

To read Wall Street Journal articles, you need a paid subscription which is 29 USD/month (roughly equal to INR 2000). An average earning man would never in their right mind subscribe to the WSJ unless he/she works in the field of business and the articles directly affect his/her work. The only subscribers other than that are the high ranking professionals in the business field. For others like us, who don’t work in the field of business and/or don’t want to invest 29 USD/month for a subscription but have interest in reading these finely curated articles, there is a simple solution, thanks to Google.

Firstly, I would like to explain the concept of Web crawling. Google, and most other modern search engines use the concept of Web crawling. A web crawler basically indexes all webpages it can find and follows link present on these webpages to index even more webpages. It also looks and analyzes the words present on a webpage and whenever we search for one of those words, the search engine displays those specific results. The efficiency of the web crawlers defined the efficiency of the search engine.

The WSJ asks you to subscribe to read the article beyond the first few lines

Likewise, all of WSJ’s webpages are indexed by web crawlers. So, for example, you come across an article on the WSJ you want to read but you don’t have a subscription, there is a simple solution : copy the heading of the article, search it on Google, look at the first result, which is not actually a webpage but a Google embedded article. Google had the entire article indexed and it displayed it rightfully. The WSJ could post a request to Google for the same, but up until now, they haven’t. There you go, enjoy your article.

There you go, enjoy the article for free

P.S. : For some articles, you will have to switch of your internet connection the moment the page loads, because if you stay there for about 10 seconds, it shows a pop-up asking you to sign in, which is very annoying.

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