Amazon Honeycode : Just Another No-Code Web App builder?

Amazon Honeycode? What are you talking about?

On 24th June 2020, Amazon announced and released the beta version of their own no-code web app builder called Amazon Honeycode. It is a complete drag-and-drop interface, intertwined with database like spreadsheets and formulas. I played around a bit with it and here are my two-cents on it.

But Why do we need Honeycode?

It can essentially be used by companies to automate their workflows and have personalized and tailor-made project management systems. Initially, projects and companies can make do with simple spreadsheets, but after a while, it become imperative to switch to a proper project management system, such as Zoho, Trello or JIRA. These systems allow you to log and track issues, manage the time of your team members and enable efficient reporting and communication.

While these systems are themselves very extensively developed and comprehensive, the one big thing which lacks in them is personalisation. Not every company, product and project utilize the same resources. Your project might not need a communication channel, but just a time logging interface. Or maybe, you just need a task tracker, cutom-tailored.

So, how does Honeycode help us?

This is where Amazon’s new product help us. You can make applications which can run on the web, on android or on iOS. These applications are tailor-made to your project’s needs. You decide what you want in them and what you don’t. You decide how your app or website looks like. You select which employee you want to give how much access. You can even build out your own custom functionality – that one thing you always found missing in your management system. The best part? It is no-code. What this essentially means is that you do not need to know any sort of programming to make your own product – from scratch to final. Though, a knowledge of spreadsheets and formulas might be handy.

How Exactly Does it Work?

When you start building your app – there are 3 sections – tables, builder and automation..

The tables section

Tables are an amalgam of spreadsheets and database tables. They are pretty simple to use and you can even import existing CSV data to your app. So, that makes migration easy, too. You can select who can access what data. Everything which you want included in the app/website has to be present in a table. These are hosted on AWS.

The builder section

Builder is the part where you build out the actual app – the look and feel of it. Where what is placed and what does what. You can specify different layouts and functionalities for your website and apps. You can make multiple apps – essentially transitioning into an app suite such as the G Suite or the Zoho Suite. You can use the same tables for the entire suite.

The automation section

With automation, you can essentially push notifications and carry out certain actions automatically when some event triggers it. This is where the major part of your customization will come from.


All-in-all, it is an innovative approach to project management, combines with a no-code system to make workflows easier and improve efficiency.

Meera Vaidyanath, director of product management for AWS Honeycode said, “Amazon itself used early versions of Honeycode in the process of planning, launching and naming the product, and for other functions such as creating an org chart for the team.” She added, “In terms of the specific verticals or industries, I don’t think there are any limitations to who can use it.”

I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to Amazon’s ambitious new product. I have attached some reading links. videos and other resources to dive deeper into and understand Honeycode better.

I might do an in-depth review pertaining to the actual functionality and limitations, and tutorials on how to make tailor-made apps and websites for your project, if the response is good enough.

Future Reading and Other Resources

The official release and initial setup tutorial by Amazon

The actual product

The link to app on Play Store

What is Aamzon Honeycode – video from Amazon

Introducing Amazon Honeycode – video from Amazon

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